Eddy Echo is an indie rock-pop musician who uses a stylistic range of instruments to create music that has undeniable melodies and energy.  As a native of Philadelphia, Eddy was inspired at a young age by pop idols such as The Beatles, Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, and Marvin Gaye. His modern production style is influenced by artists like Coldplay, The Roots, Daft Punk, Ed Sheeran, and Radiohead. Eddy Echo is a recent graduate from The University of the Arts (Philadelphia) and New York University, where he studied music production, writing, and entrepreneurship.  Now located in New York City, Echo has used his early exposure to pop and hip hop to create an unaccompanied leftfield writing and production style that encompasses both classic and contemporary sounds.

Among his many unique talents such as writing, producing, and mixing all of his own music, none can compare to the unmatched drive and love he has for his work.  Eddy Echo is poised to make a breakthrough with his debut EP “57th Street” set to release in March.